Tori Spelling reportedly upset about Dean McDermott‘s ex Mary Jo Eustace stealing the spotlight


Tori met her husband Dean McDermott‘s first wife in order to apologize for the way they handled things when they started their affair eight years ago.

“At the time, you’re feeling in love and empowered,” Tori told Mary Jo. “You’re not intentionally trying to hurt people, but people get hurt.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t handle it a different way. I understand a little piece of it now, how hurtful it is,” she said.

“I was painted as this old, infertile, horrible, inconsequential, bitter ex-wife — that’s not the case at all,” Eustace, 52, replied. “I thought I was a good wife and a great mother. I was giving everything I could to support him; I created a great home.”

However, what Tori didn’t expect to see was Mary Jo Eustace’s career being boosted by her appearance on True Tori.

“Mary Jo is coming off as just a true class act among all of these crazy people,” an insider told Radar Online. “Not only is Mary Jo gorgeous, but she’s a genuinely nice person, too.”


Since her appearance on the show, Eustace has been receiving offers, including for her own reality show or a cooking program.

“With no new projects on the horizon, Tori just can’t believe that Mary Jo is getting all of these offers while she’s receiving none,” the insider adds.

The attention Eustace is getting “is just continuing to feed into all of Tori’s insecurities about her looks, relationship with Dean, and even as a mom,” the source continues. “Mary Jo is the person that Tori wants to be — someone that everyone likes. Her constant need of attention and validation is grating on Dean’s nerves. It’s truly a very sad time for the couple.”​