Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott furious about former fling, Emily Goodhand, appearing on True Tori


A source told Radar Online that when “one of the crew members of the show confessed that they had been trying to land a deal with Emily to appear,” McDermott flipped out.

“Dean exploded, and he immediately confronted Tori with the information he had just learned,” the source added.

“At first, Spelling pretended not to know anything about the plan, but she then admitted to casually mentioning to producers that it might be good for them to have Emily come on the show for closure,” the source continued. “Dean became so angry that filming for the day had to be canceled because he refused to participate.”

Fortunately for McDermott, “Emily appearing is now off the table,” the source revealed.

In a preview of the next episode of the reality series, Tori confronts Dean about not putting their kids first.

McDermott has been open about his decision to quit the show.