Tori Spelling opens up about hospitalization


During an appearance on the Today show, Spelling explained that she became ill after contracting pneumonia from her children.

“It just hit me the hardest,” she said. “And there are emotional components, always. I’m just learning that. At 41, I’m realizing that…you can repress [emotions] for as long as you want, but they come out in certain ways.”

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Hoda Kotb asked Tori if the selfie and accompanying message she shared at the time had to do with her mother Candy.

“We’ve talked to your mom on the show a number of times, and we talked about your relationship with her and healing it. In the hospital, did something happen that either solidified that or made it clear that there are boundaries?” Hoda asked.

“Um…it’s not something I’m willing to get in to out of respect, but nothing happened in the hospital,” Tori answered.

“So, you didn’t hear from her or anything?” the host insisted, to which Spelling replied with a simple “No.”

However, the mother-of-four had only words of praise for her husband Deam McDermott and how he handled the situation during that period, despite reports that her cryptic message could referred to him.

“He was by my side daily. He proved it. He was home taking care of four kids. He really stepped up,” she said. “And that was the big thing on the show this season. I was like, ‘Step up! Take care of the kids! You’ve been away. You’ve been dealing with yourself for so long. Come back to us.’ And he has—in a big way.”

“The children are great and flourishing, and that’s what’s important,” Tori continued. “Our everything are the kids and that’s what comes first, and when it’s not about that anymore, then this all goes away.”

In a preview of the next episode Spelling is seen having to deal with the prospect of facing both her husband’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace and her mother Candy at her daughter’s birthday party.