Bill Cosby back on stage amid accusations of molestation


The 77-year-old actor took the stage at The Atlantis Bahamas on Thursday, Nov. 20, as part of a benefit for an international women’s organization.

Cosby made no mention of the assault rumors but Us Weekly notes the presence of a strong security back stage and the request for audience members not to take any pictures.

“He was very theatrical on stage,” an audience member told the magazine. “It appeared as though what was going on didn’t move him at all. What really stood out was his lack of proper attire. He was dressed in grey sweats, slippers, and a shirt saying ‘Hello Friend.'”

“He interacted a lot with the audience,” the source added. “At one point someone’s cell phone rang and he said to tell them ‘I’m not here,’ which caused the audience to laugh. He appeared not to be bothered by what’s going on with him in the media although he did not attend the meet and greet post-show reception.”

The entertainer dedicated the show to his wife, Camille,

“He said, ‘Camille and I have been married for 50 years.’ He flashed his wedding band for the audience to see and this gesture was welcomed by the audience,” the source told Us. “His last piece was dedicated to his wife and their marriage.”

At the end of the performance Cosby received a standing ovation.