Tori Spelling confirms Dean McDermott’s leaving the show

During an interview with Meredith Vieira on The Meredith Vieira Show, the 41-year-old actress talked about her decision to share her private life with the public.

“We let it all hang out,” she said. “I don’t [think I reveal too much] because if everything hadn’t been made as public as it was, I would’ve chosen to deal with this privately with my husband.”

Asked to clarify the issue she and McDermott, 48, are facing, she explained, “We’re talking about the affair that my husband had, almost a year ago, and I just chose to deal with it because it was my journey, my truth and women everywhere go through this. I wanted to put it out there.”

“It’s completely cathartic for me and it’s very individual,” Spelling added about revealing her torments on TV. “I know everyone has an opinion about me putting my life and relationship out there, and it’s something… I needed that. I felt like I didn’t have a voice for so long.”

And despite her husband’s departure, Spelling doesn’t think this will be the end of the show.

“I don’t think so,” she said. “For me, you know, it’s True Tori. I have a lot more to tell. I have four children, I’m a mom, I’m a woman, and I want to go on.”