Bill Cosby reportedly blocked publishing of article about accusations of molestation in 2005


Now it is reported that the 77-year-old actor reached an agreement in 2005 with the National Enquirer to grant an interview to the newspaper about the s-xual allegations brought against him by a woman in exchange to giving up on an article about another woman’s allegations, an unsealed deposition given by Cosby shows.

Cosby detailed the deal in a testimony under oath in 2005, after being sued by a woman, Andrea Consisting, who accused the actor of druging and then sexually abusing her.

According to The New York Times, Cosby has agreed to talk about the allegations brought against him by Andrea Constand if the newspaper agreed not to publish an interview with Beth Ferrier, a former model who made similar accusations.

Following the allegations, NBC and Netflix decided to cancel upcoming projects with the comedian. Also, several stand-up shows were canceled after allegations of molestation surfaced.

Recently, Cosby’s nephew Braxton defended his uncle against those accusations.

“I believe he is innocent and unless the judicial system can prove otherwise, I stand behind him and his contributions,” he said.

“My uncle and his legacy are still more alive and well than ever before,” he continued. “He is still performing and going about normal business despite the unjustified claims.”

A former employee of Cosby’s show, Frank Scotti, revealed that in the past he paid off women for Bill Cosby.

Cosby’s attorney has called those molestation claims “fantastical.”