Shakira and Gerard Piqué expose son Milan to seven different languages


In a White House Twitter chat on early education, the 37-year-old singer wrote that “any child can learn languages before they’re 3 – we expose Milan to Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Germany, Russian and Chinese.”

“Babies have an innate thirst for knowledge and enjoying learning – making it fun through focuses play is another way of bonding,” Shakira shared in another tweet. “Kids are able 2 comprehend more than we think – it’s never too early 2 start teaching & exposing them to books even as newborns.”

The Hips Don’t Lie singer teaches her son history too.

Back in June, the singer shared on her Facebook account a video in which her son identified the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Memorial.

“Mommy is explaining the Declaration of Independence! I’m very interested in history!” she captioned the video.

Shakira also shared a video on her Facebook account in September where she’s teaching Milan to read in Spanish.

“Learning to read with mommy,” she wrote.