iPhone 6s rumors: new features could include 2GB of RAM, ‘Force Touch’ tech

iPhone concept

According to Taiwanese website TechNews Taiwan (via G for Games), Apple wants to equip its future iPhone with 2 GB of faster RAM.

Besides doubling the RAM, the Cupertino company is also said to be intent on switching to new LPDDR4 chips, which would result in a faster data management while maintaining the same battery consumption.

It should be noted that the RAM has not changed in Apple’s smartphone since the iPhone 5.

Regarding production, it could be supported by Samsung, Hynix and Micron-Elpida, which will provide 30%, 50% and 20% of Apple’s orders.

Another highlight of the iPhone 6s is rumored to be the Force Touch technology, which is capable of differentiating between a quick tap and a heavier touch.