iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 rumors: release date, concepts, specs and more

And perhaps you are wondering what the upcoming iPhone will be called: iPhone 6s or iPhone 7?

Well, starting in 2009 Apple began to launch iPhones that have the letter “s” in their names, with hardware improvement and without changing the design of the products.

An iPhone from the “s” series is released a year after launching an iPhone with a completely new design.

Basically, for Apple, the design change represents launching a new model of the smartphone and the hardware update is only an intermediate improvement.

For that purpose, the name of the future flagship device won’t probably be iPhone 7, but iPhone 6s because it is very likely that there won’t be any change in the design of the casing.

In terms of specs, three thirds of the A9 chips for the next iPhone will be manufactured by Samsung, South Korean newspaper Maeil Business reports.

Samsung has reportedly started production of the CPU using their 14nm FinFET technology.

Other rumored features include 2GB of RAM and the Force Touch technology, which is able to tell the difference between a light touch and a harder press.

According to Chinese site UDN, Apple plans to implement a camera with two lenses that will bring optical zoom.

The company also also intends to implement a 3D pressure sensor that would bring a function similar to that of Apple Watch’s Touch Force.

Finally, we present two gorgeous concepts created by graphic designers Yasser Farahi and Nikola Cirkovic.

The iPhone 7 is rumored to be launched in 2016, while the iPhone 6s will most likely come out in September this year.

Yasser Farahi

Yasser Farahi

Nikola Cirkovic

Nikola Cirkovic