iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 rumors: improved sapphire technology on next iPhone display?


Apple originally wanted the display of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to be made of sapphire, but nothing came of it.

There was much speculation about whether the company would at least build a sapphire crystal display in the larger model.

However, GT Advanced Technologies filed for bankruptcy and the new generation of iPhones had to ship with Gorilla Glass screen.

In addition, sapphire glass was known to have several disadvantages: it is heavier and less transparent, its production is more expensive and it has up to double the screen reflectance of glass.

But a major disadvantage of the material has now been fixed, according to an expert.

Raymond Soneira, president of the consulting firm specializing in screen technology DisplayMate, claims that a new technology helps sapphire offer even greater transparency than that obtained by glass, MacRumors reports.

“We have just lab tested an important new sapphire technology that significantly lowers the screen reflectance of sapphire to much lower than glass, turning its former major disadvantage into a major new advantage,” Soneira said. “A technical note, this isn’t an Anti-Reflection AR coating, which would scratch off easily and defeat sapphire’s tremendous scratch resistance — so the enhanced sapphire is now number one in scratch resistance, low reflectance and performance in high ambient light. In addition, displays using it could run with lower screen brightness and result in increased running time on battery.”

Time will tell if we’ll see sapphire arrive on the next-generation iPhones.