iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 rumors: release date, features and more

Yasser Farahi

As rumors about the possible implementation of a sapphire display didn’t become reality with the iPhone 6, it seems we may see this new feature on the next Apple smartphone.

Sapphire glass has been criticized for being heavier and less transparent and for its expensive production.

But according to Raymond Soneira, president of the consulting firm specializing in screen technology DisplayMate, a new technology now helps the material offer even greater transparency than that obtained by glass.

“We have just lab tested an important new sapphire technology that significantly lowers the screen reflectance of sapphire to much lower than glass, turning its former major disadvantage into a major new advantage,” Soneira said, as cited by MacRumors. “A technical note, this isn’t an Anti-Reflection AR coating, which would scratch off easily and defeat sapphire’s tremendous scratch resistance — so the enhanced sapphire is now number one in scratch resistance, low reflectance and performance in high ambient light. In addition, displays using it could run with lower screen brightness and result in increased running time on battery.”

Also, a report by Taipei Times cited analyst Jeff Pu of Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting Co. As saying that the 8 megapixel sensor on the iPhone 6s/7 will come with more powerful components but no improvements compared to its predecessors.

The analyst expects Apple to focus on the size of the pixels, autofocus or the optics, instead of increasing the number of megapixels.

Reports in November claimed that the next iPhones will bring the “biggest camera jump ever” in Apple’s history.

Another renowned analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, predicted that a new version of the Touch ID sensor is likely to come out with the future iPhone models.

He says the new sensor will be less prone to errors and safer than the current version.

However, Kuo doesn’t expect Cupertino to implement this feature in the iPhone 6s/7.

Finally, recent reports talk about the implementation of a 3D Touch technology in the display of the next iPhone, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reports.

The technology could distinguish between lightweight and stronger pressures and it will be developed by US company Avago Tech.

Apple’s next iPhone is expected to be launched this year in the fall.