Dakota Johnson asks David Letterman: ‘Are you my dad?’

While chatting with David Letterman in a funny interview about her mother Melanie Griffith on Tuesday, Feb. 17, Dakota Johnson jokingly asked The Late Show’s host if he was her real father.

“On the way here, my mom told me to tell you that she loves you,” she told Letterman. “She really meant it!”

“I know, and here’s something I will tell you,” Letterman replied with a smile. “Your mom used to come on the show all the time, and I really loved your mom.”

“She brought you handcuffs one time,” she said. “Yep…so, are you my dad?”

The last replica brought a large smile to Johnson, 25, and Letterman answered: “Whoa…boy, that’s…nah, of course you’re kidding…no, that’s just a joke.”

“I know who my dad is,” Johnson said.

“I know, Don Johnson,” Letterman replied.

Watch what Dakota Johnson talked about with Letterman in the video below: