Jony Ive addresses iPhone battery life, more concerned about design


More and more iPhone users are annoyed by the battery life of their favorite smartphone, but when it comes to Jony Ive there should be no change.

Interviewed by the Financial Times, the Apple design chief offers what appears to be an explanation of why the iPhone cannot have more autonomy.

Ive says that if the iPhone battery does not last long it is because users use the device much.

Asked about the frequent need to have the device recharged, the chief designer responded that it is due to the use of the material it was made of.

“Talking of performance, when the issue of the frequent need to recharge the iPhone is raised, he answers that it’s because it’s so light and thin that we use it so much and therefore deplete the battery,” the publication writes. “With a bigger battery it would be heavier, more cumbersome, less ‘compelling.’”

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