iPhone 7/iPhone 6s rumors: release date, specs and features for the next iPhones

Kevin King, research director at market research firm IHS Technology China, announced last week that Apple’s suppliers are gearing up for mass production of the A9 processor in June.

This suggests the launch of the iPhionne 6s seems likely to take place in late summer or early fall. Cupertino plans to roll out 230 million units of the smartphone.

The Korea Times reported last month that Samsung will be the supplier of DRAM chips for future smartphones from Apple and LG.

“Under the agreement, Samsung will start providing LG Electronics with 100 percent mobile DRAM chips it needs for LG G4 smartphone, which will be unveiled in April. Also, Samsung will handle at least half of the amount that Apple needs for its new iPhone ― tentatively named iPhone 6S,” an insider told the site.

The Korean manufacturer is reportedly set to supply at least half of the DRAMs for the iPhone 6s’ A9 processor and 100% for the LG G4.

Several reports have talked about a new feature of the iPhone 6s, the Force Touch technology.

According to AppleInsider, this new tech will be used in the Apple Watch and its purpose is to differentiate between lighter or firmer presses on the screen.

Force Touch has already been tested on some laboratory prototypes.

The report also denies recent rumors about a dual-lens camera on the iPhone 6s, claiming it will feature a single lens solution as seen on the current generation iPhones.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, sources cited by the China Times claim that the iPhone 6s and 7 could be equipped with a component that is already present in the smartwatch.

Called the Apple S1, and referred to as a System in Package (SiP), it includes the processor, sensors, storage and memory and, given its smaller size, it could allow Apple to maximize the capacity of the battery.

The iPhone 6s will reportedly work with both PCB and SiP, while the SiP modules will be used solely for the iPhone 7.

Another report detailing the rumored implementation of the Force Touch came from The Wall Street Journal which cited sources that offered details about the new feature.

The publication also reported that Apple might add a pink color option in its iPhone lineup and equip the device with 2GB of RAM.

The same 2GB of RAM rumor is echoed by an AppleInsider report that cites a source who “has provided reliable information in the past.”

The report adds that the next iPhone could come with a pre-installed SIM, a move that allows users to choose their own carrier and switch their provider directly from the iOS device.

Finally, the latest report about the future iPhones says that Cupertino might adopt Intel modems for the smartphone in 2016.

VentureBeat claims that the rumored iPhone 7 will feature wireless modem chips provided by Intel and not Qualcomm.

In addition, a “special” version of the smartphone is reportedly set be marketed “to emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.”