Prince Harry decides to end his army career in June

Prince Harry, 30, admitted that he finds it hard to give up his military activity. Before leaving the armed forces, the prince will reportedly spend four weeks in April and May with the Australian Defense Force.

He will also attend the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli commemorations.

Capt. Harry Wales has announced his decision to take this step in a statement.

“After a decade of service, moving on from the army has been a really tough decision,” the prince said. “I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to do some very challenging jobs and have met many fantastic people in the process.”

“From learning the hard way to stay onside with my Colour Sergeant at Sandhurst, to the incredible people I served with during two tours in Afghanistan—the experiences I have had over the last 10 years will stay with me for the rest of my life. For that I will always be hugely grateful,” the statement continued.

“Inevitably most good things come to an end and I am at a crossroads in my military career. Luckily for me, I will continue to wear the uniform and mix with fellow servicemen and women for the rest of my life, helping where I can, and making sure the next few Invictus Games are as amazing as the last.”

“I am considering the options for the future and I am really excited about the possibilities. Spending time with the Australian Defence Force will be incredible and I know I will learn a lot. I am also looking forward to coming back to London this summer to continue working at the Personal Recovery Unit.”

“So while I am finishing one part of my life, I am getting straight into a new chapter. I am really looking forward to it,” he added.

His brother, Prince William, left the Royal Air Force to dedicate himself to royal activities in 2013 after more than seven and a half years of military career.