Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris photographed together in Nashville

Two photos of them spotted together in Nashville on Wednesday were posted by a fan on Twitter.

So the question arises, are Swift and Harris an item or are they just working on a musical project?

So far, none of them has responded to those rumors.

Relationship rumors about the two first appeared at the Brit Awards where they were reportedly flirting. According to Heat, the singer, 25, also attended one of his shows in Las Vegas.

Last December, Swift opened up about being single in an interview to Billboard magazine.

“I don’t have anyone whose feelings are on the line except for me,” she said. “If I was in love with someone right now, I don’t know how I would handle everyone else weighing in on our stories, because when you’re in a relationship there are a lot of secrets and a lot of sacred moments that you don’t want to divulge.”

“I, however, am 24, perfectly happy being alone, and one of the reasons I’m perfectly happy being alone is that no one gets hurt this way,” the singer added.