Peter Facinelli opens up about his proposal to Jaimie Alexander


Now, Facinelli recounted to People how the romantic proposal went as the Nurse Jackie star hired an airplane with a banner to surprise his girlfriend.

The actor, 41, had staged this marriage proposal to happen at 4 p.m., but at one point it seemed that things would go as planned.

“At 3:55 she was like, ‘I’m cold, I’m going to go inside,’ ” he told People. “And then all of a sudden I look up when she went in and the plane was there!”

Facinelli brought back Alexander, 31, and was nervous that she had missed the plane with the banner.

“I had binoculars and I looked up and I saw a helicopter, and I looked and couldn’t find [the plane] because I was nervous that it had left,” he said.

“And then I gave the binoculars to her and she goes, ‘Yeah, it’s right there,’ and then she read the banner, so it worked out,” Facinelli added.

Thor star Jaimie Alexander shared a photo taken on top of Empire State Building, when Facinelli asked her to marry him.

“Top of the world with my love @peterfacinelli @empirestatebldg #Love #ES,” she captioned the picture.

Relationship rumors about Alexander and Facinelli first appeared in 2012 when they were seen holding hands.

Facinelli was married to Jennie Garth from 2001 to 2013, when their divorce was finalized.