Sofia Vergara reacts to Nick Loeb lawsuit over frozen embryos

Her former fiancé reportedly filed a lawsuit in order to prevent the Modern Family star from distroying the two frozen female embryos.

Vergara, 42, responded to those claims in a statement to People magazine.

“The claims made against Sofia Vergara by Nick Loeb are uncredible and hold no merit,” Fred Silberberg, the actress’ attorney told People. “Vergara has never wanted to destroy her embryos.”

“Vergara has never suggested that she wished to have the embryos destroyed. She has always maintained that they be kept frozen, a fact of which Loeb and his counsel have always been aware, despite Loeb’s statements to the contrary.”

“Vergara, who has happily moved on with her life, is content to leave the embryos frozen indefinitely as she has no desire to have children with her ex, which should be understandable given the circumstances,” the statement added.

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb separated last May after a two-year engagement.

“Not that anyone should care, but in order to not give the press the chance to invent crazy and hurtful drama, I prefer to tell my fans personally that Nick and I have [decided] to be apart,” she issued a statement on her social accounts at the time.

“We have [been] having too many problems with figuring out how to spend time together and [because] of my work and now his, its been getting worse and worse, not fun anymore.”

However, the two have remained close friends.

“We are still very close but we [believe this] is the best thing for us right now,” the actress concluded.

Now, Vergara is engaged to Joe Manganiello. They reportedly got engaged on Christmas Day in Hawaii.

The Hot Pursuit actress opened up in a recent interview about her fiancé Joe Manganiello and about the possibility to start a family with him.

“My son, Manolo, is 23 years old, which is going to be really weird if I have another baby. But, you know, Joe wants babies and if it’s going to make him super-happy, then…,” the actress said.