Sandra Bullock clarifies rumors about having more children

Sandra Bullock, who is the mother of 5-year-old son Louis, told People in an interview that she is not planning on having more kids at the moment.

“Oh, those drumbeats. I’ve always said that I could have a house full of kids,” the Oscar-winning actress told the mag. “But at this time the only kids in my house, other than Louis, are the ones whose parents want them back at the end of the playdate. But if these drumbeaters know something that I don’t, I’d appreciate a heads-up on the details so I can pick up some supplies. I’m wickedly unprepared if Louis is getting a sibling this week.”

Bullock also revealed how she’s preparing her child for life, teaching him to treat women with respect.

“Louis asks me some serious questions, and I’m really honest with him on a level he can handle. It’s a beautiful thing,” she said. “I want him to be a good man who is good to women and is really in touch with how he feels.”

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