Robert Downey Jr. introduces daughter Avri

The actor, 50, opened up about his three children and then intoduced his youngest kid, daughter Avri.

Letterman asked him how many kids he had and Downey Jr. replied, “I have three: a 21-year-old, Indio, a 3-year-old, Exton, and now Avri is a little over five months.”

“I thought I’d show the first picture on planet earth here with you, kind sir,” he said.

“That’s sweet!” Letterman said when he saw the picture of the adorable baby girl.

“The yellow bonnet helps!” the Avengers: Age of Ultron star said. “You gotta love a yellow bonnet.”

“What’s the dynamic with this one and the older one?” the host asked.

“Well, she’s female,” the actor answered.

For more watch the video below.