Spoiler Alert: Did Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, die?


Spoiler Alert: Below are major spoilers from the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Everything takes a tragic turn in Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “How to Save a Life,” when Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, dies in a car crash.

Brain surgeon Derek Shepherd has saved so many lives, but ironically he doesn’t make it.

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives,” Dr. Derek Shepherd used to say at the beginning of each intervention.”Let’s have some fun.”

But for Grey’s Anatomy’s fans the day in which the latest episode was broadcast was so sad.

While Dr. Derek Shepherd is driving his car he witnesses a car crash. He pulls over and saves all the people involved in the accident.

Then he gets into his car and while checking his phone a truck hits him.

Shepherd is rushed to a hospital, where the struggle to stay alive begins.

He starts a narration of the mistakes made by the doctors, and he is eventually declared brain dead.

His wife Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) finds out about her husband’s accident. She rushes to the hospital where the doctors offer their condolences.