William and Kate royal baby: if the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to another boy, what do you think of Arthur James Francis as a name?

For a girl, a name we came up with is Alexandra Victoria Frances (read the explanation for our choice HERE). And now we have thought of a name for a boy if Kate gives birth to another son, namely Arthur James Francis.

Obviously, this is not the official name (the child hasn’t been born, and it isn’t yet certain if it’s a boy or a girl), we only ask if this name would be fit for a future prince.

Arthur is the second name of the Duke of Cambridge, William Arthur Philip Louis, the third name of Prince of Wales, Charles Philip Arthur George, and the name of the mythological King Arthur.

James could be a choice as it is inspired by James VI of Scotland and I of England, and Kate’s brother’s name, James William Middleton.

Francis is a name taken after the Duchess of Cambridge’s father, Michael Francis Middleton, her paternal grandfather, Peter Francis Middleton, and after Princess Diana’s second name, Frances, as well as the name of the great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, Frances Dora Smith (the male version of Frances would be Francis.)

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