Queen Elizabeth II reportedly corrects guest who called Princess Charlotte, granddaughter: ‘No, great-granddaughter’

Speaking with the guests, the monarch, 89, gushed about the new arrival in her family. Among the 8,000 lucky guests who talked with the Queen there was Susan Pollack, 84.

“I told her I’m so happy at the arrival of another baby,” Pollack said and the Queen replied, ‘Yes, we love to have another girl.’

Another guest, Carole Weston, reportedly congratulated the Queen for her “new granddaughter.” The royal family’s matriarch corrected her, saying, ‘No, great-granddaughter.’

Queen Elizabeth II met her great-granddaughter Princess Charlotte soon after her birth.

Shortly after Kate and William left Kensington Palace with their children for their their country home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall.