Prince Harry jokes on Bridget Jones comparison: ‘Because I write my own diary or because I don’t have a girlfriend?’

But until this happens, he is not necessarily looking for a girlfriend or to settle down.

“Of course, I would love to have kids right now,” the Prince said in a recent interview. “But there’s a process that one has to go through.”

The royal bachelor laughed off at himself being compared to the main character from Bridget Jones’s Diary, who is unlucky in love.

The Prince, 30, responded to this association, saying, “Bridget Jones? Where’s that come from?”

“Because I write my own diary or because I don’t have a girlfriend?” the Prince continued.

“Bridget Jones? That’s sad. No, for me, it’s good. I’m very happy not having a girlfriend. It’s not a case of anything. I’m not, sort of, looking. It’s cool,” he added.

Harry has dated Cressida Bonas, but they parted aways in April 2014, and Chelsy Davy, with whom he was in a relationship for several years until 2011.