Phone-hacking of Kate Middleton and other royals now ‘feels very wrong,’ former royal editor says

In May 2014, Goodman told the court that he hacked the phones of the three royals, Kate, William and Harry.

Clive Goodman, ex-editor of the News of the World tabloid, told the court on Friday during his testimony in a perjury trial of former editor Andy Coulson that he is not proud of that period.

“Now, it feels very wrong,” Goodman said, according to The Guardian. “I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on this, it’s not something I’m proud of, not the greatest move of my career. I’d dearly love to be able to move on but nobody seems to let me move on. We still seem to be discussing it nine years on.”

Goodman hacked the Duchess of Cambridge’s phone 155 times on Christmas Day of 2005.

“I hacked Kate Middleton’s phone just to see if there was a message from Prince William,” the former editor said.

He admitted to hacking Kate’s phone, saying, “I don’t deny any of this; it’s there, I did it. I wish I hadn’t but I can’t take it back.”

Clive Goodman was sentenced in 2007 to four months in prison after he admitted having intercepted the cell phone messages of the three royals who were not named.

After 168 years of activity, News of the World was shut down in July 2011.