Prince William refers to Kate Middleton as ‘the missus’ in new interview

In an interview with BBC journalist Gary Lineker, which is set to be aired on Saturday, the Duke of Cambridge revealed that he would love to take his son Prince George to matches, but he would have to discuss it with his wife.

“I’ll have to pass that by the missus, see how I can get away with it! At the moment, being only 22 months, it’s a little bit early,” he said.

William, who is a huge supporter of Aston Villa, also told the reporter that he hoped that his son would become a fan of the same team.

“The responsible thing would be to say to let him make his own mind up, but I think I might be quite biased!” he told Lineker. “I haven’t quite worked out how to play that yet.”

“He can support whoever he wants, but if he supports Villa, it’d be fantastic. I’d love to go to the odd match with him in the future,” he revealed.

And if his son supports another team, the prince, 32, hopes that his daughter Pricess Charlotte, almost 1-month-old, will be an Aston Villa fan.

His brother Prince Harry and his grandmother the Queen are reportedly Arsenal fans.