Kate Middleton’s photographic skills: professional children’s photographer shares opinion on photos taken by Duchess of Cambridge

She proved her love for this art when she stood behind the lens to take the first official photos of her daughter Princess Charlotte. The adorable snaps show Prince George cradling and kissing his little sister.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Kate also released some eye-catching pictures back in 2012 during her and Prince William’s tour of Southeast Asia.

She took photos of a palm oil plantation in Malaysia, and in Borneo she photographed an endangered Borneo orangutan and the jungle in the region.

A professional children’s photographer, Glenda Tarling, talked with the Daily Mail about how the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, managed to take this set of pictures.

“Judging by the amount of natural light flooding into the pictures, it’s likely Kate took the shots next to a large window. And most likely without using any flash,” the photographer told the publication.

Tarling also gave her opinion about the camera used by the Duchess, 33, saying, “The depth of field in some of the pictures makes me think she has used a mid-range DSLR, like a Canon D6 or a Nikon D610.”

“If she’s into photography, she probably owns something like that. The iPhone and iPad cameras are quite sharp these days, but not like this,” she continued.

“With these kinds of cameras you can change the lenses as and when you need to, Kate perhaps used a 35mm or 50mm lens for these shots,” Tarling added.

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