Kate Middleton and Prince William’s daughter’s christening: Prince Harry might not attend due to royal engagements

According to People magazine, the prince, 30, is likely to be in Africa at that time as part of a three-month visit. This will happen after the royal ends his military career, most likely in late June.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Earlier this year, Prince Harry announced his departure from the army after ten years of services.

Back in May, the prince spoke to The Sunday Times and The Sun about his impatience of being involved in this cause for the wildlife in Africa.

“For me, it’s three months of hard grafting, working with animals,” he said. “To actually get the chance to embed myself with the top vet in southern Africa, travel with him for three weeks and every job he gets called up to do. That’s like my dream.”

Prince Harry may be one of the godfathers chosen by Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, and Prince William for their daughter Princess Charlotte.