Has Prince Harry arrived in southern Africa? The royal set to spend three months there for conservation projects

The prince, 30, is already in Africa where he arrived last week, as he is set to begin three months of activity in Namibia.

Harry is set to work during these three months in Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa.

Back in May, during his tour in New Zealand, the royal spoke with journalists about his work in Africa.

“So to actually get the chance to go to Africa, embed myself with the number one top vet in southern Africa, travel with him for three weeks and every job he gets called up to do, I follow him. That’s like my dream. It’s going to be amazing, whether it’s darting a lion or going into a community to see how they are changing the way they are working, and for the local culture to accept that an elephant means more to them money-wise alive than shooting it,” Harry said.

Vanity Fair reported this month that the royal bachelor is planning to meet his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy during his royal engagements in Africa.

Prince Harry won’t be able to attend his niece Princess Charlotte’s baptism because on July 5 when the christening is set to take place he will be in Africa.