What feature of Kate Middleton’s face is mostly requested in plastic surgery? Find out!

And it’s obvious why as the Duchess, née Kate Middleton, is a beautiful woman, and a certain feature is frequently demanded by women when they decide to undergo plastic surgery: her nose.

When it comes to rhinoplasty, the requests for Duchess Kate’s nose tripled in the first two years following her wedding with Prince William in 2011, cosmetic surgeons in United Kingdom revealed.

“Her nose is straight with a cute, rounded tip and is perfectly in proportion to her face,” Maurizio Persico, a plastic surgeon, explained. “This gives Kate an attractive and striking profile.”

Carmen Lefevre, who studies facial attributes and behavior at the University of St. Andrews, also explained to the publication why the Duchess’ nose is almost perfect.

“The symmetry of Kate’s nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose and the minimal amount of nostril on show, are all near-perfect,” she said.

An article published on Tuesday, July 14, in The New York Times’ T Magazine lists five requested celeb features in cosmetic surgery, citing plastic surgeon Paul S. Nassif. Kate’s nose is no. 1 and the list also includes Scarlette Johansson’s lips, Olivia Munn’s eyes, Kate Bosworth’s chin and Kim Kardashian’s posterior.

According to a study released last year by a team of U.S. plastic surgeons, based on facial symmetry, Kate Middleton, Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel have the “perfect” nose.

The study echoes previous estimates about the ideal nasal tip rotation and projection in terms of plastic surgery requests.

“There is a range of rotation that’s usually applied, which is 90 to 100 degrees for men and 95 to 110 degrees for women – this study has ended up somewhere in-between,” Dr. Charles East, of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said.