Diane Kruger on why she chose acting: ‘French cinema is really the reason I wanted to become an actress’

German actress Diane Kruger moved to Paris at 16 for modelling, but she soon became interested in acting.

In order to pursue her dream, Kruger took lessons at French drama school Cours Florent. For 13 years, the actress appeared in 34 films, both English and French.

Now Kruger has opened up to Elle Canada‘s September issue about her acting career and what made her choose to become an actress.

Elle Canada

Kruger’s father reportedly struggled with alcoholism, and when she was 13, her parents divorced. When asked whether her childhood influenced her choices regarding the roles she played, the Inglourious Basterds actress said: “I think my role choices have been more inspired by my time in France.”

“I was exposed to a lot of art and culture, and French cinema is really the reason I wanted to become an actress,” she explained.

Kruger also shared her opinion regarding the differences in narratives between the two continents.

“One of my favourite actresses is Romy Schneider; I discovered her work when I moved to Paris. I am still inspired by French film; Michael Haneke’s Amour is my favourite movie of the past 10 years. In Europe, the stories—especially for women—are so much more interesting than in the United States,” the actress said.

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