Kate Middleton’s perfect hairstyle after daughter’s arrival might have inspired women to call hairstylists in the delivery room

Duchess Kate’s hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker and colorist Richard Ward reportedly showed up at St Mary’s Hospital in London to offer her the perfect look.

And it may be a coincidence but postpartum hairstyle and makeup appointments have reportedly increased in the last three months.

Considering Princess Charlotte’s birth took place in May, the trend might have been triggered by the Duchess’ glamorous look ouside the hospital.

Lisa Schavrien, an obstetric nurse navigator at Lenox Hill Hospital, who talked with the New York Times, has several phone numbers of hairstylists for mothers-to-be who want to look great on their big day.

“We have a lot of patients who have had a long labor, and they are like, ‘O.K., I want cool pictures of me and my baby,'” Schavrien told the New York Times.

The “Kate Effect” doesn’t seem to stop here as the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement dress was back on the market last month and it was instantly sold out.

Again, the increase in appointments could be a coincidence, or not, especially after the Duchess’ amazing appearance outside the hospital a few hours after giving birth, but one thing is certain: Kate is a trendsetter!