Shakira’s song ‘Loca’ copyright infringement dismissed

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled on Monday that Shakira’s song “Loca” has not infringed copyrights, after concluding that an audio tape, which was the basis of the entire process, was not authentic.

“[T]here was a basic issue of fraud in the trial,” said the judge, who dismissed the copyright infringement case against Sony/ATV Latin and Sony/ATV Discos, Reuters reports.

In August 2014, Judge Hellerstein came to the conclusion that Shakira’s single and a song by El Cata, a Dominican singer, were illegal copies of a song belonging to Dominican Republic songwriter Ramon Arias Vasquez, entitled “Loca con su Tiguere.”

The judge also concluded at the time that Sony group and its commercial divisions were guilty of copyright infringement.

The song is reportedly connected to Dominican Republic songwriter Ramon “Arias” Vasquez, who is the composer of “Loca con su Tiguera,” a song inspired by her sister’s relationship with a tough boyfriend.

Mayimba Music, the copyright owner of the song written by Ramon Arias Vasquez, sued Sony in 2012.

On Monday, Judge Hellerstein was scheduled to set the financial damages but Sony group’s lawyers appeared in court a new set of evidence.

Yesterday, the judge announced that a group of evidence presented by Sony gave “competent and substantial proof” hadn’t been made in 1998 as its authors claimed. Therefore, the judge ruled that the trial started for copyright infringement is not valid.

Shakira reached number one in the Latin Billboard top with the single “Loca,” which is part of the Columbian singer’s album, Sale el Sol.