Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son Prince George received a shepherd’s hut on his first birthday

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Richard Lee, co-founder of the shepherd’s hut firm Plankbridge, talked with People magazine about the stupendous wheeled cottage gifted to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son when on July 22, 2013.

“We made it for his first birthday last year,” Lee told the magazine, adding that the British royal family loved it. In fact, Mr. Richard Lee personally shipped the hut in the summer of 2014.

Below is a Shepherd’s Hut similar to the one made for Prince George.


According to Mr. Lee, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son plays in the shepherd’s hut.

“Apparently so! Yes, he’s been in it and he’s played in there,” he said. “It’s their private home and we don’t get too involved, but we’ve heard that it’s gone down well.”

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