Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘deserve some privacy’ in bringing up their children, David Cameron says

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

The letter describes the tactics used by paparazzi in trying to take pictures of Kate and William’s son in playgrounds, calling them “increasingly dangerous.”

These issues concerning the Royal Family’s privacy have also been addressed by Prime Minister David Cameron in an interview with BBC Breakfast.

“I am concerned and I have every sympathy with the royal couple. They very generously have made available pictures of their wonderful children to the British press and the British press have behaved, frankly, very well because they printed those pictures,” Cameron told BBC Breakfast (Via Daily Mail).

“But they haven’t been, as I understand it, printing paparazzi pictures and it’s very important they don’t because if you start printing the paparazzi pictures, the paparazzi go further and further in trying to get pictures of the royal family. What we need to do now is to persuade some of these foreign publications not to use these pictures.”

The Prime Minister concluded, “I do think William and Kate deserve some privacy and some space as they bring up their children. They do make available some pictures so we can all see and share in the joy they’ve got with their children but they should not be harassed by paparazzi.”

The Kensington Palace announced last week on Twitter that the royal couple has been thrilled to share pictures with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and they are eager to continue to do so in the future.

William and Kate asked the media for privacy after their second child, Princess Charlotte, was born on May 2. After their daughter’s birth, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left the Palace with their children and they moved to their country home Anmer Hall in Norfolk. The Georgian 10-bedroom estate was a wedding present for Kate and William from the Queen.