Prince Harry jokes about missing Princess Charlotte’s christening while in Africa

Prince Charles’ youngest son could not attend his niece’s birth and baptism due to his royal engagements.

When the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second child, Princess Charlotte, on May 2, her uncle was on a military trip, and when she was christened on July 5 he was already in Africa for his three months of conservation projects.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Prince Harry joked about not being able to attend his niece’s christening during a discussion with the conservation workers.

Simson Uri-Khob, the boss of Save The Rhino, told the publication that the British royal joked about his absence, saying: “What a bad uncle I am! I should really be there. But today I am here, this is where I want to be.”

The prince also talked about the difficulties of dating while in the company of bodyguards.

“We asked him asked what about if you’re with a girlfriend. Are they around then?” Uri-Khob also said. The Queen’s grandson, 30, responded: “Unfortunately yes, more than ever. But I know how to handle that.”