Kate Middleton set to visit Action on Addiction centre next month

According to Hello!, the Duchess, née Kate Middleton, will visit the centre, which is located in Warminster, on December 10.

The royal mother, 33, who has been a patron of the charity since January 2012, is also set to attend a ceremony marking the graduation of students from the Foundation and Honours degree programmes accredited by the University of Bath.

Kate was pregnant with Princess Charlotte when she attended the Autumn Gala Evening Dinner for Action on Addiction in October 2014, looking ravishing in a black Temperley dress.

Action on Addiction, in association with the University, trains addiction advisers at a higher level.

“We’re all excited about HRH The Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to our Centre for Addiction Studies (CATS) next month!” Action on Addiction tweeted on November 27.

The royal visited Send Women’s Prison in September, where she met inmates who had been victims of various addictions.

After her visit to the women’s prison, Kensington Palace shared Duchess Kate’s thoughts on its official Twitter account.

“Addictions lie at the heart of so many social issues .. substance misuse can play such a destructive role in vulnerable people’s lives,” she said. “Failure to intervene early in life to tackle mental health problems and other challenges can have profound consequences.”

“I am grateful to the women I met for sharing their difficult personal stories with me,” the Duchess added.

Princess Charlotte’s photos outfit relevead!

The last time Kate and William’s baby girl, who will turn seven months the day after tomorrow, on December 2, was in the public eye was at her baptism on July 5 at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, where her late grandmother Princess Diana was also christened.

Now her parents, both 33, shared with their Royal well-wishers on Saturday, November 29, two adorable snapshots of their daughter, taken by her mother in early November at Anmer Hall. Charlotte was dressed up in a m&h print floral dress and pink tights from Amaia, which is one of Duchess Kate’s favorite children’s clothes designer.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

In June, designer Amaia Arrieta talked to HOLA.com about the royal mother-of-two, calling her “normal and natural.”

In early June, the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, and Prince William unveiled the first portrait of their daughter with her big brother Prince George, now 28 months, which was also taken by their mother.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Then, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge wore a shirt and sweater from Irulea, a set that the brand has now named “Princess Charlotte.” Prince George of Cambridge was dressed in a Rachel Riley’s shorts and shirt set, Start Rite’s “Jo” shoes, accessorised with Amaia socks.

Prince William talked about his adorable children during a visit to St. John’s College at Cambridge University where the Duke opened a new archive center in October.

“He said George is very lively and Charlotte is very lady-like. He said they were both delightful of course,” Professor Christopher Dobson, the Master of St John’s College, said.

Kate Middleton supports the hospital where she gave birth to Princess Charlotte and Prince George

On Tuesday, The More Smiles Appeal was released by charity COSMIC and Imperial College Healthcare Charity. It is a fundraising program with the objective of raising £2million for the redevelopment of the respective unit at St Mary.
Kate Middleton released a statement about how she will offer her full support to this project.

“The thought of your child in an intensive care unit is harrowing for any parent. The commitment to expand and transform the Children’s Intensive Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital will vitally guarantee more space to treat more children and support more families,” Duchess Kate said.

“As someone who was so brilliantly cared for by St Mary’s, I am delighted to support the Children’s Intensive Care Appeal, and commend the important work of all those involved in the project.”

This fundraising program will help more than 200 extra children get treatment because the unit is expected to twice the current number of beds.

In addition, a dedicated parents’ room and a private room will provide doctors and nurses with the space needed to offer emotional support to the relatives of children with serious conditions.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to her son Prince George in 2013, on July 22, and to her daughter Princess Charlotte, this year on May 2, in the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s hospital.

Kate Middleton and Prince William release new photos of daughter Princess Charlotte

The shots were taken by the Duchess earlier this month at their country house Anmer Hall, in Norfolk, and they were shared by the Kensington Palace on Sunday, November 29, on its official Twitter account.

“The Duke and Duchess hope everyone enjoys these new photos of Princess Charlotte as much as they do,” the Palace tweeted today.

Kate and William’s daughter’s first official portraits with her brother Prince George were revealed in June and it was Duchess Kate who took the shots back then.

The little princess, who will turn 7 months next week on December 2, is dressed up in a floral dress and a pale pink cardigan.

In one of the pictures Prince George’s little sister is smiling adorably at a plush toy, while the other one captures her amazing big blue eyes.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Other photos of Princess Charlotte, taken by Mario Testino, were released on her christening day in July, and they also feature her mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, her father Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and her big brother Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

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Prince George “loves being outside,” his grandfather Prince Charles says

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

In an interview with Sky News, the royal, 67, revealed that his grandson, 2, is “one of those characters who naturally, instinctively likes to be outside.”

“It’s very interesting. I’m intrigued to see if it lasts,” Prince Charles said. “But he loves being outside, which is encouraging. Like all these things, it depends if you can get them to take an interest.”

The Prince of Wales is hoping to pass his attention and enthusiasm for the environment on to his grandson.

“Like all these things, it depends if you can get them to take an interest,” the British royal said. “But half of it comes from explaining the minutiae of life sometimes, or getting people to look carefully at something, even watching a bird or observing carefully a flower or how a building sits in the environment and the landscape. All of these things are part of the intricate detail and pattern of life, which we can’t exist without.”

In fact, Prince George is a great helper as he has already planted trees with his grandfather at Charles’ house, Highgrove House, in Gloucestershire.

Over the years Prince Charles has transformed his garden at Highgrove House in a truly spectacular place where his grandchildren can enjoy a magical atmosphere.

After birth of their second child, Princess Charlotte, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left Kensington Palace and headed to a quiet idyllic place in Norfolk, where the royal couple owns a country home, Anmer Hall.

Kate Middleton reveals plans for daughter Princess Charlotte when she grows up

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Duchess Kate’s baby girl is only almost 6 months old, but her royal mother, 33, is already thinking about her daughter’s future.

While meeting Scouts and Girl Guides during a visit to Caernarfon in North Wales on Friday, the royal mom revealed her wish that her daughter will be part of the Rainbows in the future, a group that focuses on developing self-confidence, friendships and learning new things through practical activities.

“She said that she needs to put Charlotte’s name down for Rainbows,” Caernarfon’s county commissioner for Girl Guides, Jill Wilkinson, told People magazine.

William and Kate are raising their kids in an idyllic place in the village of Anmer in Norfolk, where the royal couple own a Georgian country house. In June, People magazine wrote that the Duchess of Cambridge wants her children to have a “playful, messy” childhood.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, recently talked about her “wonderful and secure childhood,” where she felt “loved, valued, and listened to,” by her parents and teachers, during her visit at the Place2Be Headteacher Conference on November 18, in London.

Kate Middleton and Prince William show off sporty side as they go rappelling!

Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 33, visited North Wales on Friday, where the royal couple carried out several royal engagements for the Men’s Shed movement, mental health charity Mind and GISDA which supports homeless youngsters.

During their one day visit, the royals also went abseiling at the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre in Capel Curig. And they were all smiles, making jokes and showing their sporty side.

In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are avid sport fans as they are keen on tennis, sailing – especially Kate, who during a royal engagement in July talked to children about her nautical experience, hockey and others sports.

A video in which the Duchess joked with her husband, the Duke, was shared on Twitter.

“William, how much do you love me?” she asked William as he was rappelling off the ledge while she was holding the rope that supported him.

The Kensington Palace posted pictures of the royal couple during their rappelling adventure on its official Twitter account.

Prince William was the first to climb the wall at the center, and here too the Duchess jokes with her husband.

“Are you holding me?” he asks, and Kate replies, “I’ve got you.”

“I’m quite enjoying this actually,” she joked. “For once I’m in control.”

The royal couple is often praised for their unpretentious behavior. Rachel Weisz, who met Kate and William at the premiere of the latest James Bond movie Spectre, said in a recent interview that the two, “make you feel very special. They’re really good.”

British TV presenter Holly Willoughby also described the Duchess as being “just wonderful” as she met Kate at the annual Fostering Excellence Awards, at the British Medical Association House, in London, on Tuesday, November 17, where she presented the event.

During a visit at Harrow College in October, William and Kate were again perceived as “really down-to-earth.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘make you feel very special,’ Rachel Weisz says

Daniel Craig’s wife paid a visit on Thursday to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where the actress, 45, opened up about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Weisz had only words of praise for the royals, saying that “They make you feel very special. They’re really good.”

The Youth actress revealed during the interview that she was so eager to meet Kate, William and Harry that she did not have the time to wipe her hands after having been to the bathroom because when she heard that the royals would make their appearance she rushed to encounter them.

“The guy in charge of the princes was like ‘The Prince is coming! The Prince is coming!’ So I didn’t have time to dry my hands,” she told the host. “So I curtseyed and I said, ‘Oh good evening, your Royal Highness. It’s such a pleasure to meet you. I’m sorry my hands are wet, I just washed them and I didn’t have time to dry them. He looked at me and said, ‘Well, at least they’re clean!'”

She added, “He just made me feel so good.”

Weisz, whose husband, James Bond star Daniel Craig, flew back and forth from home for a year during the filming of Spectre, also revealed that the Duchess understood how she felt ,when she said to her, “I bet you’re glad to have him home.”

“My eyes filled with tears cause that’s exactly what I was feeling,” the actress said.

William and Kate were also described as “really down-to-earth,” during their visit at Harrow College in October, where they met mental health charity volunteers.

Duchess Kate was also praised in June after an outing at an organic shop, where she bought a dessert for Prince George, by a staffer who said that the royal was “incredibly down-to-earth, very gracious and extremely polite.”

Kate Middleton: Prince George ‘will be starting to talk about Christmas soon’

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

The royal mother revealed that she hasn’t started preparations for the holidays, but her eldest child “will be starting to talk about Christmas soon.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 33, also opened up about her and Prince William’s two adorable children, Prince George, 28 months, and Princess Charlotte, almost 6 months, during her royal outing, on Friday, November 20, to the Men’s Sheds, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the health and well-being of men in Denbigh, Wales.

“They are doing really well, thanks. Charlotte is getting bigger and getting on well with her noisy big brother,” she said.

During her visit, Kate received presents for George and Charlotte – blue and pink homemade quilts.

The royal couple has carried out royal engagements in North Wales this week. Kate and William lived for a few years on Anglesey, an island off the north-west coast of Wales.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also be touring India in the spring of 2016, which will be the couple’s first official visit to this country.