Joanne Froggatt talks Kate Middleton’s Downton Abbey visit

During her appearance at Conan on Wednesday, January 20, Froggatt talked about meeting the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, and revealing that she made an inappropriate comment to the royal during her visit.


“You are shooting an episode of Downton Abbey and you get a surprise guest, you find that a surprise guest is coming. Who was it?” O’Brien asked her.

“Yes, it was the Duchess of Cambridge, came to give us a lovely visit,” Froggatt replied.

“That will be Kate Middleton, I don’t know all the titles exactly,” the host said.

Froggatt describes the moment in which she actually encountered the British royal, and made an inappropriate comment due to her nervousness.

“You’re just getting more and more nervous,” the actress, who plays Anna Bates in the British drama, told Conan O’Brien. “We’re doing this scene and she’s very beautiful and lovely. She has this amazing aura when she walks in the room […] before we actually said ‘hello’ we had to act right in front of her.”

“It was a little bit nerve-racking and I got a bit jittery. So she came over to say ‘hi’ afterwards, and I said ‘Hello, lovely to meet you’ and she said ‘It feels strange being in your bedroom,’ because we’re standing in Lady Mary’s bedroom and I said ‘yeah not very many people get to come in Lady Mary’s bedroom’ and then I thought ‘Oh god, what have I just said?'” Froggatt said.

Another Downton Abbey star, Michelle Dockery, talked about Catherine’s visit on the set in March, revealing that the royal smelled “like roses.”