Prince Harry’s rumored girlfriend Juliette Labelle denies relationship with British royal

The Sun reported, citing sources, that the royal bachelor, 31, and American girl Juliette Labelle, 22, have “hooked up,” after meeting during the Prince’s holiday trip to Los Angeles around New Year’s Eve.

The British publication added that Harry and Juliette have kept in touch since then.

Labelle denied the relationship with the Queen’s grandson when she was asked about those rumors by The Sun, saying, “I don’t know Prince Harry.”


A source cited by E! News said that Labelle is an “aspiring actress,” and that she “used to date Dakota Johnson’s ex, Jordan Masterson.”

This isn’t the first time Prince William’s brother is the target of dating rumors. Last month it was speculated that Harry is dating Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark. However, those rumors were shut down by a royal source.

Last year, Emma Watson denied allegations claiming she was in a relationship with the British Prince, through social networks.

“WORLD” Watson tweeted. “Remember that little talk we had about not believing everything written in the media?!”

“Also….. marrying a Prince not a prerequisite for being a Princess,” she added.

Watson isn’t the only actress rumored to be the Prince’s new love interest. The reports claimed at one point that Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman Harry was romanced by Britain’s most eligible bachelor.

Also, British television presenter Caroline Flack revealed that she had a friendship with Prince Harry in her autobiography.

Back in 2012, singer Mollie King adressed her relationship with the Prince,saying that they are “just friends.”

So, Prince Harry is no stranger to dating rumors.

The British Prince revealed in an interview with Sky News last year that he is open to the idea of fatherhood.

“There come times when you think now is the time to settle down, or now is not, whatever way it is, but I don’t think you can force these things it will happen when it’s going to happen,” he said.

“Of course, I would love to have kids right now,” Harry added. “But there’s a process that one has to go through.”