Kate Middleton and Prince William set to carry out engagements in suicide prevention

Kate, 34, and William, 33, are set to meet Jonny Benjamin, a young man who in January 2008 headed to Waterloo Bridge with the intention of committing suicide when a stranger saved his life.

Later, in 2014, Benjamin launched the campaign #FindMike along with the charity Rethink Mental Illness in order to find the hero who saved his life. The social media campaign reached its goal, and the young man was reunited with his rescuer, who turned out to be Neil, not Mike – Neil Laybourn.

The British Royal couple, together with Benjamin, Laybourn and a group of students, will gather at Kensington Palace to watch a documentary about the experience Jonny went through eight years ago.

The following day, on March 11, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit XLP, to observe the work carried out by the charity’s mentoring scheme XL-Mentoring.