Prince Harry isn’t dating Bruce Springsteen’s bassist’s daughter Olivia Tallent


Olivia Tallent, 19, met the 31-year-old royal during the band’s concert on June 5 at Wembley Stadium in London, where she took a picture backstage with Harry.

Tallent shared the photo on her social network accounts, and even joked, as she captioned the snap “new boyfriend.” However, she has since deleted the message.

Her followers were very excited and send her messages like, “Trust me. Marry him!!!!!!”, “@oliviatallent please, do that for all us ladies waiting for a prince charming, GO AND GET THE PRINCE CHARMING!!!” or “OMG royal wedding?? Yes plz.”

But Olivia took to Twitter and dispelled the rumors that she is romantically involved with Harry.

“I’m not actually dating Prince Harry, guys. Let’s not be ridiculous here,” she wrote.

We have to admit, they really look cute together!