iPhone 7 leaked image shows A10 processor

Image Source: GeekBar/Weibo

Not long ago we could see the motherboard of the next Apple smartphone and today we have images of the A10 processor that will equip the device posted on Chinese social network Weibo (via Techtastic).

The A10 chip is very similar to the A9 and all the other “A” branded Apple processors.

The processor in the photo has a 1628 date code, which is consistent with the production of the chip to be started mid July.

Also, the number of pins is similar to the 64-bit LPDDR4 interface on the A9 chip that mounts the iPhone 6.

This year the A10 SoC will be manufactured exclusively by chipmaker TSMC on its 16nm FinFET WLP process.

According to recent rumors, the next iPhone will be equipped with a home button with haptic feedback, one of the most important innovations this year.