Kate Middleton takes a shot of 120-proof whiskey during Cornwall visit

After visiting the Truro Cathedral, Kate and William stepped out at Healey’s Cyder’s warehouse where the pair had fun tasting cider.


The company is currently celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and that is why they received the royals’ visit.

Catherine went behind the bar and poured a pint of Healey’s Rattler cider. “I’ve never mastered this!” she confessed before passing it to William who it tasted “just like it does in the pub.”

Kate then downed a shot of 120-proof whiskey and said the drink was “delicious.”

Owner Joe Healey, 30, also pulled out bottles of cider that had been matured in various whisky, brandy and rum barrels, which led Prince William to joke: “Rum?! This is where the engagement really goes downhill!”

“It was quite a boozy pre-lunch! They seemed really up for it,” Healey said [via People]. “William in particular really likes cider and it was good to hear he drinks Rattler down his local pub.”