The Duke of Cambridge jokes George and Charlotte ‘don’t have much of an attention span’

William and Kate reached the small archipelago in British Columbia aboard the replica of a war canoe led by 12 Haida warriors.


The royals opened the new Haida Gwaii Hospital and Care Health Centre on the remote island.

While talking to a young mother, Carla Russ, and watching her 3-year-old daughter play with a pile of building bricks, Kate revealed that her son would enjoy such toys too.

“George would love those,” she said.

“They don’t have much of an attention span, though,” Williams joked, before telling the young mom, “Your little girl is doing very well.” [via Hello!]

Later, while speaking with Vivian Roberge whose 4-month-old daughter was teething, Prince William humorously said, “Good luck with that.”

The previous day, George and Charlotte enjoyed a fun afternoon play date at British Columbia’s Government House in Victoria.