Chrissy Teigen asks how she can meet Kate Middleton and Prince William on Twitter


The new mum and model asked her Twitter followers how she could meet the royal pair.

“How do I make an appointment to hang out with Prince William and Kate Middleton is there a sign up sheet,” she wrote.

Her fans were quick to come up with ideas, either funny or simply ridiculous.

A suggestion she received from many of her admirers was that she could arrange a playdate with the royals and their two children, George and Charlotte.

Chrissy and husband John Legend recently welcomed daughter Luna into the world.

“I’m picturing playdates for Luna and Charlotte while you and Kate sip wine at 10 AM,” a follower wrote.

“Just tweet @RoyalFamily. I have a feeling they’d respond to you!” another fan joked.

Others suggested making use of her husband’s singing talent in order to get a meeting with William and Kate.

“Make John write a song about them and when it becomes a worldwide hit you’ll get an invite,” a tweet read.

“Just chuck wads of John’s cash (you keep yours girl) at one of their charities and you’ll be invited to palace in no time,” another wrote.