Kate Middleton themed café opens in Australia

Prince William’s wife has inspired a café in Melbourne, Australia, with an interior as elegant as the Duchess of Cambridge.

The café opened last year in September and its owner, Randy Dhamanhuri, has made no secret of who his muse was.

“She’s undoubtedly royal but has this humble persona,” Dhamanhuri told People. “I think she’s the definition of timeless beauty and class in this modern age. Not just speaking of her look, but more so on how she carries herself in public.”

The name of the café, Middletown, is a play on the word “Middleton” which is Catherine’s maiden name.

The walls are painted in royal blue, inspired by the color of Kate’s sapphire ring, previously worn by Princess Diana.

Good morning! Start Friday happy hour with a round of coffee at Middletown! Cheers! #middletownau

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Also, the tiles on the floor are inspired by those of Westminster Abbey, where William and Kate were married in 2011.