Beauty therapist presented as Kate Middleton’s beautician has never worked for her

During a segment on This Morning this week, Deborah Mitchell was introduced as “the beauty therapist to Camilla and the Duchess of Cambridge.”

The esthetician said that she uses various types of treatments and, contrary to what is expected, one of these is within the reach of most of us.

Mitchell surprised the audience by revealing that her secret is a Nutella face mask, and while she didn’t specify whether she has used it on Kate, she did mention applying the treatment on one client with “really good skin.” [via Marie Claire UK]

According to Mitchell, chocolate contains substances such as palm oil moisturizer which makes the skin moist and smooth.

However, according to the Daily Mail, Kensington Palace has denied that the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, is one of Deborah Mitchell’s clients.

In addition, Mitchell herself denied to MailOnline having any connection with Kate: “I have never claimed the Duchess of Cambridge has been a client.”

“I have treated royalty all over the world, I have treated a lot of celebrities and a lot of celebrities use my products. I like to keep my customers’ confidentiality,” she explained.