The Dutch have created an electric bus that can reach 250 km/h


Delft University of Technology presented their new project – a 15 meters electric bus. That bus can carry 23 passengers and reach a top speed of 250 km/h. Its autonomy is about 210 km in mixed.

The project, called Superbus, is tested in as a prototype and promises to be a very environmentally friendly means of transport.

According to its creators, the system would require passengers to enter the destination through SMS and then choose the shortest route between those destinations.

It is unclear how this system would operate in a system with stations, but the Dutch have to provide a good solution in the near future.

Mercedes CL65 AMG facelift (OFFICIAL PHOTOS)

Just when it reached almost 100 C degrees and everyone thought they’ll watch the premiere at Paris Motor Show, Mercedes unveiled the first official photos.

What can you say about this car? It’s probably one of their most beautiful coupes ever made. Surely the most powerful!

CL65 AMG’s engine is capable of producing 630 hp, 18 hp more than the previous version. However, the torque was limited to 1,000 Nm.

Mercedes CL65 AMG facelift sprints from 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and top speed was electronically limited to 300 km/h.

CL65 AMG features the Direct Steer direction, the Active Body Control suspension and the Torque Vectoring Brake.

All you need is an excuse to Monte Carlo’s sunset.

Smart eScooter new official photos until its launch at Paris Motor Show

It has fully interchangeable plastic body panels with a steel and aluminum frame underneath. It has heated handlebars, ABS, an airbag, and a Blind Spot Assist monitor to warn when a car is about to take you out.

Underneath the main seat is space for two helmets, and when the second seat folds out above the rear wheel, the footrests for the pillion rider automatically flip into position too. Don’t need the second seat? Then you can have a luggage rack instead.

Power comes from a 4kW electric motor mounted in the rear wheel (freeing up the stowage space for those helmets) and gives the E-Scooter a top speed of 28mph.

eScooter has a 62-mile range, which is helped by regenerative braking of the rear wheel, and solar cells at the front of the E-Scooter also provide charge to the lithium-ion batteries. The charging socket is hidden under the badge of the front fender.

Smart eScooter can be controlled by a smartphone. You can mount it in a cradle between the handlebars, and this deactivates the immobiliser and other anti-theft devices. The smartphone then displays the E-Scooter’s speed, plus its battery charge and range, and it acts as a sat-nav and will help you find your way back to the scooter if you can’t remember where it’s parked.

It’s more like a gadgetScooter, isn’t it?

$1 million advent calendar by Porsche Design

After they launched their fall-winter 2010-2011 fashion collection, a clothing line which includes several leather jackets and lots of accessories, Porsche Design announced they’ve just launched an exclusive $1 million calendar.

Of course, it’s not the usual 12 months paper calendar, it is made out of polished aluminum, is 1.75 meters tall and will be produced in only five copies. One for each continent.

The holder of such a timetable will get a special surprise every day, from December 1st to December 24th. Each day has its own dedicated box, which can be accessed only in that day and has a special gift that could vary from golden sun glasses, writing tools or Bounce S2 snickers.

On December 24th, the calendar will open its last box, revealing the last gift. It could be a P6910 watch, a P7340 Porsche Design kitchen or a RFF28 yacht.

Usually, an advent calendar is a box with 24 little chocolates with a story underneath. But Porsche Design went further with this tradition, replacing the chocolate with luxury items.

Eike Batista, a Brazilian billionaire, wants to launch his own car brand

Eike Batista, eighth richest man in the world, according to Forbes, will open, in 2013, a factory that will produce 100,000 electric vehicles per year.

He said on Wednesday that he plans to open a factory for electric vehicles in which he’ll invest approximately one billion dollars.

That plant will produce 100,000 units per year within four years and will be conducted with support from Europe and Japan marks.

Thus, Batista will invest in foreign expertise to create his own brand of electric cars, which will debut on one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Batista believes that electric vehicles represent an irreversible trend and he shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Surprisingly, Eike Batista has an oil company, which will start the production in 2011. His company is called OGX and was founded in 2007.

The fuel production in 2011 would make this company a champion on the period of its establishment until the entry into production.

However, an investment of an entrepreneur on both an oil company and a factory of electric vehicles says a lot about Batista’s spirit and how he came to be world’s number eight in Forbes ranking of richest people.

The new brand’s name has not been announced yet, but we can assume that it will include an X. Eike Batista is known for his superstitions about the number 63, the sun and letter X.

All his companies have the letter X in their names since Batista believes that this letter draws money.

Different versions of the vehicle will provide a range between 80 and 120 km, and its cost will be different. Batista logistics company will handle construction of the plant and the electrical load terminals will be used to develop a network of charging in Brazil.

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Greenpeace says the electric cars are a failure

Wolfgang Lohbeck, a Greenpeace’s transport expert was interviewed by Stern publication, and talks about electric cars and how they will influence the future.

He said that electric vehicles are a big failure.

The lack of subsidies is the biggest obstacle in their use, as building a network of stations for electric cars is very difficult.

By contrast, Wolfgang Lohbeck believes that public transport would need improvements.

“The future belongs to new things,” said Greenpeace representative at the end of the interview.

Auto manufacturers focuses on Internet services

BMW offers unlimited Internet access

BMW offers its customers a choice for a package of Internet connection regardless of the model purchased. The only requirement is to be equipped with multimedia Connected Drive system.

While many manufacturers have praised the introduction of Internet in the car, BMW is the first manufacturer that promises unlimited Internet access throughout the life of the model equipped with this function.

The brand even remember, on this occasion, that it’s the one who first introduced the on-board computer in 1980. The first radar back in 1990 and GPS navigation in 1994.

In 2010, BMW’s system is based on multimedia Connected Drive which already includes a multitude of other services, such as navigation, communication with other devices such telephone or computer, the interaction between the safety devices (night vision, head covered high, parking assistance, emergency call), and adds the ability to surf the Internet from the front seats when the vehicle is stationary.

It is even possible to surf from the vehicle rear seat, but only with the option Multimedia Station on the 5 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series GT. The option costs only 90 EUR and its validity is equal to the lifetime of the car. No subscription to pay later.

General Motors wants to update your Facebook status by voice command

General Motors is testing a software that will allow drivers to update their status on Facebook while driving, through a voice command.

GM will also test a program that reads drivers’ SMS and allow them to respond by choosing one of the preset messages with a button on the steering wheel.

The company hasn’t said when these programs will be available, but spokesman Jocely Allen said they should be evaluated very carefully to ensure it does not distract drivers attention from the road.

Smart will present an electric scooter in Paris Motor Show

The new Smart scooter is set to form part of Smart’s upcoming Paris Motor Show spread, which will also feature a lightly facelifted version of the Fortwo – the company’s sole model prior to the arrival of the reborn Forfour, which is to be built in Renault’s Slovakian production plant from 2012.

The model is described as having a chance to production, but how this will materialize is still not very clear: if the Smart will use electric propulsion or will choose an internal combustion engine.

According to sources in the Smart brand, electric scooter is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Its autonomy is about 100 km on a single charge and the scooter enjoys a special airbag to prevent injury.

There are rumors of an electric scooter for the Mini, but the model has been denied by officials of the British brand.

Geely brand will be closed by 2012

Geely’s bosses announced last week that they will waive that mark by 2012. Chinese Corporation will not give up, however, the production cars, Geely brand waiver is only a marketing position to hand over the sub-brands Gleagle, Englon and Shanghai Emgrand to promote in China and international.

Emgrand brand is the luxury division of Geely, while Gleagle is Chinese world brand name and an acronym for Global Eagle.

Market withdrawal of Geely brand will be complete with moving Freedom Ship, Yuan Jing to Gleagle and moving King Kong and Golden Eagle to Shanghai Englon.

Once completed this marketing maneuver, the Chinese will be ready to close Geely. It is unclear whether Geely corporate name will be changed or not.

The changes made in Geely structure doesn’t affect Volvo, which has just been bought by Chinese.

Changes in the Geely brand refers particularly to the Chinese market. Thus, Chinese automobile manufacturer wants to increase its number of branches and increase profitability of existing dealers.

The quality of repairs will be also increased in the hope of loyalty to existing customers. Under-performing dealers will be removed from Geely network to avoid losses.