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Duchess Kate marks Children’s Hospice Week with support video

The Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, recorded a video message in order to praise the extraordinary work of staff at children’s hospices.

Kate Middleton new pregnancy rumor isn’t ‘official’ yet

A new tabloid report claims that the royal mother-of-two is expecting.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ wedding: all the details revealed

Kate Middleton’s younger sister married financier James Matthews at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield on Saturday in what has been dubbed “the wedding of the year.”

Pippa Middleton wedding: why Kate isn’t likely to be maid of honor

As the big day is getting near, the question of who will be Pippa’s maid of honor is gathering attention since it seems that Kate Middleton wont fill in that role.

Pippa Middleton wedding dress details revealed

A week from now Duchess Kate’s sister will be walking down the aisle and her gown will undoubtedly turn heads all over the world.

Duchess Kate marks Children’s Hospice Week with support video
Kate Middleton new pregnancy rumor isn’t ‘official’ yet
Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ wedding: all the details revealed
Pippa Middleton wedding: why Kate isn’t likely to be maid of honor
Pippa Middleton wedding dress details revealed

Love letters from JFK to a Swedish woman auctioned

by Julia
February 15, 2010 at 5:19 pm

Before being the U.S. President, when he was a U.S. Senator and not yet married to Jaqueline Bouvier, John F. Kennedy began a passionate relationship with a Swedish, their relationship continued after JFK’s marriage, a proof being a series of letters removed to auction in the U.S., ABC News informs.

Kennedy’s relationship with Gunilla von Post is documented by a series of letters and telegrams. Until recently, Von Post did not publish these letters, but recently decided to sell them at auction.

In the letters sent to the Swedish sweetheart, Kennedy expressed his feelings for Von Post.

The two met on the French Riviera in the summer of 1953, when he was 36 years and she was 21 years. They danced a whole night and parted with a passionate kiss.

On June 28, 1954, in the summer after he married, Kennedy wrote to Von Post, saying: “I could take a boat and sail the Mediterranean for two weeks, with you instead the crew”.

Kennedy wrote to his beloved Sweden from hospital, after their meeting plans have collapsed when he fell and was elected with a serious back injury. In November 1954, he wrote her a letter from a hospital in Manhattan.

“And after two months, I’m still in hospital. I was terribly disappointed that the in the last time I wasn’t able to come to Europe, especially when I knew you’ll be in Paris and we could be so well together, “JFK wrote, promising that they will certainly meet.
In the same letter, JKF wonders to von Post if there is any chance to come to USA.

Von Post, now aged 78 years, revealed for the first time her relationship with former U.S. president in a book launched in 1998 and she described in an interview that her heart was beating very hard.
“I was very happy when I received news from him, but I said to myself that he was a ” married man, ‘ “she said in a TV show.

Just a year after JFK’s accident, the two were able to meet, in an old castle in Sweden. “I borrowed him for one week, a wonderful week that nobody can take it away from me,” said the woman.

Prices of the auction which has the letters stake start purchase with $ 25,000.

John Reznikoff, the president of University Archives, said the letters “exudes sorrow and show that although the two wanted to be together, it was not meant this to happen. “We’ve all heard rumors, we know that JFK had many lovers, but now we have the proof,” he said.

Von Post described the feelings between her and Kennedy as ” electrically “, saying however that they hadn’t the chance to last.

The last letter he sent to von Post, in August 1955, Kennedy wrote as he felt that their destinies will separate.
“I received news today that my wife and my sister will come here. It’s going to be all complicated, as I feel now (…). All I did was to sit in the sun, to look at the ocean and thinking about Gunilla”.

The letters are auctioned by The site’s President said that the purchase price will be much higher, estimating that the letters will be sold with about $ 100,000.

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