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Beauty therapist presented as Kate Middleton’s beautician has never worked for her
Duchess Kate stuns at Bafta awards in Alexander McQueen gown
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Pippa Middleton was dumped by Alex Loudon over “circus” surrounding her

by Nicole
November 13, 2011 at 12:04 pm

The split comes as a surprise to many because there had been talk about an impending marriage.


According to the Mail on Sunday, it was the 31-year-old former England cricketer who wanted to end the romance that started in early 2010.

“The plain truth is Alex adored Pippa but he couldn’t stand the circus that now surrounds her. Nothing is straightforward anymore,” a friend told the British tabloid.

Coming from a discreet and elusive family, Loudon was reportedly exasperated by the whole “circus” surrounding his girlfriend recently.

Apparently, the media exposure that Pippa received after acquiring her status of sex symbol following her sister’s wedding to Prince William was something that the Loudons weren’t very enthusiastic about.

A friend told the British tabloid: “Alex’s parents were welcoming but they were always somewhat lukewarm about the relationship. They didn’t see Pippa as ‘wife material’. James and his wife Jane both come from very good families.”

“Pippa is very sweet but she is socially ambitious – all her friends are so ‘trophy posh’ it’s ridiculous. They didn’t honestly see Alex and Pippa’s relationship as a long-term thing. James and Jane are very old-fashioned and prefer to keep things low-key.”

A former cricket player turned into a corporate finance and development analyst in London, Alex Loudon is a quiet young man who prefers indulging in his favorite sport and attending his small circle of Eton College friends.

Quite the opposite for Pippa who allegedly sees the link with the royal family as a golden opportunity to shine in society.

A friend explains: “Pippa sees the connection with the Royal Family as a golden opportunity but she knows she cannot afford to look vulgar.”

“She now gets invited to every show in town, every door is open to her but Alex hates parties. He loves his cricket and has a very close-knit circle of Old Etonian friends. Alex comes from a very well-to-do and discreet family who do not relish the spotlight.”

“He hated the fact they were followed by paparazzi and he avoided going out because of it. Alex is very strait-laced. He loves his family and his friends and has no time for celebrity,” the insider adds.

However, Pippa’s breakup with Alex has apparently left her devastated by grief.
The friend said: “This has come as a big shock for Pippa. She was over the moon when he gave her a set of keys to his place and she was talking about moving in together. She was in this for the long term. They have had a few problems but she was not expecting them to break up and she is heartbroken.”

Signs that things were on the rocks between the two were visible last month at the Boodles Boxing Ball when she swept the dancefloor with one of Alex’s peers, Charlie ‘Sharky’ Astor.


“People were genuinely surprised to see Pippa letting her hair down on the dancefloor with Charlie,” an onlooker told the Daily Mail.

“She seemed to be revelling in his company and while she was enjoying herself on the dancefloor, Alex stayed at the table. It was awkward.”

However, Pippa’s friend is convinced that the 27-year-old will gracefully get over her heartache in true Middleton style.

“When Kate and William separated in 2007, Kate employed the age-old tactic of showing her man what he was missing. She put on a big smile, said yes to every invitation and the hemlines on her skirts raised a good few inches. Pippa will do the same.”

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